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You would think with all the technological advances of today, that it would be easier than ever to learn stock trading.  But it is quite the opposite.  Why?  Because no matter what we humans produce to make trading easier, the one variable that doesn't change is us.  We humans haven't changed (and never will) and no matter what tool we create to make us better traders, that tool is created by us and thus is still limited by, well, ourselves and our own human emotions.


So after two decades trading the stock market, I put together a collection of my reports, research and eBooks that will teach you how to understand yourself, how the market works and stock market timing.  And in exposing yourself to these reports, you will become a better, more knowledgeable investor and trader.

I am willing to share these reports with you in exchange for your email address.  And in exchange for your email address, you will receive 12 emails containing 12 reports covering the following:

Learn Stock Trading & Jessie Livermore

Stock Market Timing & Babe Ruth

What is a ETF?  ETF Trading and the Triangle of Wealth

Stock Market Sentiment & Japanese Candlesticks

Stock Options Basics & A Questionnaire that will really have you questioning yourself

Stock Trading as a Business & Famous Traders

Bear Market Recoveries, Time Magazine, Nobel Laureates and so much more...


Why am I doing this?  Very simple.  In 2004, I started a company called Investment Research Group, Inc.  And over the course of these 12 emails, I'm going to give you these free reports any also tell you a little bit about our company and our services.  After you receive the 12 emails, you'll receive nothing else from us.  And you can choose to unsubscribe at any time. 

Learn Stock Trading

Your key to unlocking long term profits

Our research firm has put together a number of indicators to help you time the market.  Knowing when to buy and sell is more important than knowing what to buy.  Our team of traders can show you what to buy and when and help you with their advice - perfect for the investor, stock trader, option trader and ETF trader - no matter what you are looking to do.

We give our research away FREE to our clients.  We also periodically publish our stock market timing indicators on our Blog.  You may visit our stock and option trading blog by clicking the following link:


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